I have never taken a bass lesson before and it's been at least 15 years since my last music lesson(piano) so I was extremely nervous. Within minutes I felt relaxed with Walid, he provides a fun and easy-going atmosphere for learning. Not only that, he is a good teacher, able to answer all the questions I have, I tell him what I'm having problems with and that's the first thing we dive into and not only does he spot the problem but he shows you what the problem is and shows you how to correct the problem. I am very satisfied with his performance as a teacher, I have been taking lessons with Walid now for probably about 8 months and I am becoming a better player.

Walid is great. Period. I have been taking lessons with him for several months now and progressed more under his tutelage than any of my previous instructors. I play upright and electric and have for several years but Walid always finds new ways for me to improve with exercises and thoughtful guidance in every aspect of music... Not just theory. And he's available through Skype lessons as well which makes the entire process easy and reliable.

A great player that has the ability to pass his knowledge on to his students. His very organized method of teaching creates the solid base you build from. When playing with others, you realize his teachings are priceless. My mentor!!!

I have taken a few lessons with Walid and I am very much looking forward to more. His knowledge and technical ability are well matched with his calm and professional approach to teaching. I highly recommend Walid to players of all levels.

Great experience so far! I'm a beginner and I'm very glad I picked him to be my bass instructor. He's not only very dedicated and knowledgeable but also a great musician. Would definitely recommend for any student level.

In addition to being a talented musician, Walid is a fantastic teacher. He is unfailingly patient, enthusiastic, and thorough. I started with him as a beginner, and have been working with him for several years. When I moved away from home, we continued our lessons over Skype, and I could not recommend working with him more highly. Walid rocks!

I have found my Skype lessons with Mr Walid most enlightening. My knowledge and skills have improved over this short length of time that I have been studying with him. He competent, professional, and highly skilled and has the experience to show for it. I highly recommend studying with this gentleman of you want to improve as a musician and or bass player.

You are not only a wealth of good information but you explain in layman's terms. Thanks for the lessons.

The best Bass teacher I ever had. Walid helped me to achieve a very good level on Bass. Walid is someone who can make a real difference to your playing.

Just found you "today" on the internet. Love your music and apprach to playing bass.

Please keep me informed, and let me know when and where I can purchase some of your music?

I am located in the United States.....


Hi Walid, It's Chris here from Mankala Band...we met at The Canteen in Bristol last Friday. Que tal compadre!? Veo que te has movido mucho por Las Canarias! Oye, me gusta mucho tu página web y tu música...muy melódico y todo muy professional! Estás tocando con alguien aqui en Inglaterra? Me dijistes qur estabas viviendo en Stroud no! Bueno, mandame un email y estamos en contacto! Chris-Mankala Band

Bonjour Mr WALID
Mes salutations, c'est enrichissent ce que tu donne, c'est une bonne methodologie.
Je suis bassisite, je veux bien apprendre plus, quelle est la difference entre une basse à 4, 5 et 6 cordes ? quel est le materiel necessaire pour écouter un meilleur son de la Basse?
Merci pour votre aide

Me encanta tu música y tu página. Gracias por el contacto. Mis mejores deseos, tio grande.

great job man keep on ,, you\'re the best TISSOUS

Great music, and cool website, hope to see you live again soon, I loved the last gig in Berlin, good grove. All the best.