walid Meraghe was born in Agadir, Morocco, right in the heart of the Amazigh culture. walid meraghe grew up listening and exploring many different North African music styles, which formed the basis for his musical work.

As a teenager, he began to work professionally as a bass player with some of the most respected musicians of the traditional Moroccan music scene, and he soon established himself as a sought-after musician, well known for his authentic grasp of Amazigh, Arabic, Andalusian, African and Latin American music styles.

During those years, walid Meraghe lived and worked in Agadir, before eventually moving to Las palmas, Spain, where he now has his home base. Over the years, he has been featured on many television shows as well as at Jazz & World Music festivals in Moroco, Spain, Tunisia, Germany and many other countries.

Mastering instruments such as the Bass guitar,Double bass and Gambri. His musical influences today are derived from a combination of traditional Arabic and North African music, Latin American styles, Blues, Reggae, Pop and Jazz.

Walid Meraghe has been appearing, touring and sharing the stage with Fran Moreno, Daniel Negrin,Souladiccion, Jazz Brothers, Sahara Generation,Emilio Tabraue, Manolo Band and many others.